Vday crafts with ICE Atlanta

Vday Crafting with ICE Atlanta

Fresh Factor 10Last weekend in preparation for Valentine’s Day, I attended one of the most entertaining events I have been to in a long time – a crafting workshop with Atlanta’s Indie Craft Experience (ICE). Yes, this is the same organization that puts on those massive craft markets. And now, lucky for us, they do workshops too.

On a beautiful Saturday morning, I gathered with a dozen+ other craftinistas at a cute studio in Candler Park to make some Vday gifts. This event had everything – friendly instructors, semi-easy projects (perfect for me), good company, hammers, nails, wood, stamps, leather, string and a bunch of other fun materials.

Vday key chains

The instructors made us all feel comfortable and relaxed by starting with introductions where we went around the room and told everyone our name, our hood and one “fun fact” about ourselves. Next came the detailed, but leisurely and understandable instruction portion of the event. Then we were turned loose to let our creativity shine and make some sweet crafts for our loved ones!

Craft Heart

Typically when I do anything crafty or artistic, I feel super rushed and am always that girl at the end that needs like an hour more than everyone else to finish. Not this time! The three-hour event gave me plenty of time to create three crafts that met my OCD standards, as well as chat with the other attendees and snap a bunch of great photos.

ICE studio

At $50, the event was not cheap, but I left with two lovely leather key chains and an adorable wooden art piece. The workshop also made for a very enjoyable and relaxing Saturday, and I have yet to mention the best part – chocolate and mimosas for all!!!! The display of champagne, juice, chocolate cake, brownies and candy set out for us by the ICE organizers was almost as beautiful as the crafts themselves. Not to mention delicious!

Snacks from ICE

Needless to say, I highly recommend ICE events. (Here’s a previous post I did on another one.) To stay on top of their calendar, visit http://www.ice-atlanta.com/ and sign up for their mailing list. You won’t regret it!

Here’s my full gallery of photos from the event. Click on each one to see it in full size!

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