Vday treats

V-day Yum Yums

Valentine’s Day turned out to be amazing this year, largely due to the food we ate. Oh, and because of love, blah, blah… Back to the food…

We inadvertently started celebrating V-day the night before. I had planned to make this Broccoli Pesto Pizza, and when my husband offered to help, it turned into a romantic little time cooking together. My husband was originally scared by the look and idea of broccoli pesto, but this pizza was so tasty it’s hard to even describe. We were both in heaven eating it. It is usually difficult to get my husband to take leftovers to work for lunch, but he gladly took a few slices of this bad boy in the next day. Not only was this pizza shockingly delish, it was also healthy, and easy to make — an all around winner, and a looker too — check it out:

Broccoli pesto pizza

My husband came up with the idea of taking it back to the old school for the actual day of love. We don’t eat much beef in our house (my husband is mostly a poultry and fish kind of guy), so steak and potatoes is actually fresh and new for us — and I was excited that he recommended it. I used this recipe to marinate a couple of filets for about six hours, then my husband cooked them on the grill. They were extremely tender, juicy and flavorful and needed no other condiments, salt or anything when they hit the plate.

While he was busy freezing his butt off outside at the grill, I stayed inside and made basic baked potatoes using this recipe. It was very simple, but these were hands down the most perfect baked potatoes I have ever made. Topped with a little butter and sour cream, they were beyond satisfying. Throw some grilled asparagus on the plate, and it’s a party for sure.

steak and taters

The thing I am most proud of this year, however, is my resourceful use of food we already had at home to make a fancy pants dessert. I had originally planned to make chocolate covered strawberries, and picked up a couple of bars of melting chocolate at the store. However, I then discovered that we’d polished off all but six of the strawberries I had gotten just a few days prior. No worries, I decided to still cover those with chocolate, and also cover some pretzels and microwave popcorn we had in the pantry. Easiest dessert ever, and my husband actually thought I had bought all of these treats at the store. Bonus points for me!

vday treats

All in all, this Valentine’s Day was quite the culinary triumph – which is pretty much what I live for…xoxo


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