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Urban Picnic – Worth the Trek

I work in Buckhead, so I am super excited that I was able to make it to the Urban Picnic downtown today – and I was only away from my desk for one hour and 10 mins! Anyone who lives in Atlanta knows that is a major feat based on traffic and parking in this town. But after hearing incessantly about the Atlanta street food movement and the awesome cuisines on wheels infiltrating the scene, I just had to make it to this mecca of portable goodness.

Once I navigated down 400, then 85, found a place to park and walked a few very sweaty blocks to the Sweet Auburn Curb Market, my time at the picnic was limited, so I had to choose wisely and quickly. After perusing each of the six or seven carts/trucks on the premises, I decided to go with the Good Food Truck based on the novelty of its offerings, as well as the King of Pops because, well, he’s the king!

The Good Food Truck surprised the hell out of me by serving me a savory, curry-flavored waffle cone filled with cold samosa potato salad and mint yogurt. Anyone who is not intrigued by that combo has to be insane. On its own, the potato salad and yogurt mixture was pretty good, but combined with a bite of the cone it was heavenly. The cone was (thankfully) a little bit sweet, as one would expect, but also spicy – I want more!!! I will definitely be adding this truck to my stalker list so I can try some other crazy delicious cone flavors.

Based on the insane hype, I knew the King of Pops iced treats would be good, and I was right. The pineapple habanero popsicle was right on. I feared the habanero would be lost in the mix, but the pop was definitely spicy. Overall, it boasted a great balance of flavor. Being pretty piggish, I usually go for heavier/creamier desserts over such healthy fare as popsicles, but I’ll likely be stalking the king as well. There are just too many tantalizing flavors on his chalkboard menu to ignore.

I would have liked to sample a few more items, but I could only hold so many things on my run back to my car for a prompt return to the cubicle. While the Good Food Truck was kind enough to secure my curry cone with foil, I would definitely recommend that the Urban Picnic vendors travel armed with to-go accoutrements for the unfortunate souls who don’t work/live anywhere near the action. Then we can buy/eat more of your stuff!

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