Ramen at Umaido

Umaido Ramen – Round 2

Fresh Factor 8I went back to Umaido in Suwanee this week for lunch. I included them in a recent round-up of awesome places to eat in Gwinnett County, and not much has changed since. The ramen is still the best in town, and the service still leaves something to be desired.

Since I was there around 11:30 on a Tuesday morning, I didn’t have any trouble getting seated this time. The waitstaff was perfectly efficient and friendly, but I was irked that a few minutes after placing my order, the waitress returned to tell me they were out of cucumbers. What?!? I ordered two things – ramen, and cucumbers with sesame oil – and you only have one of them? The menu is not extensive enough for them to be out of things like that – especially since they share a parking lot with H Mart, which sells every type of produce known to man.

Anyway, I am still enamored with the place because the ramen is euphoric, they serve free barley tea, and it is deliciously close to my house. Umaido – 1, Angela – 0.

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