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Taste of Atlanta Top 5

FreshFactor_08There’s lots to love about Taste of Atlanta. Here are the Top 5 things I enjoyed most about last weekend’s event.

1. Getting to meet the infamous Chef Ford Fry and hear him talk about his new restaurant in Alpharetta’s Avalon development, called The El Felix. If the food is anywhere near as good as the cuisine at Fry’s JCT Kitchen or The Optimist, Alpharetta is in for a real treat. During his presentation, which took place in The Chef’s Table area of the Taste of Atlanta event, I was able to ask Fry a burning question I had for him: “What makes your restaurants so amazing???” He said that the key is staying humble and always trying to get better, as well as empowering his staff to do their very best too. Great answer, and that strategy is definitely working! Here is a video of him shedding light on avocado for a captive audience…

Chef Ford Fry at Taste of Atlanta

2. Also in The Chef’s Table area, I got to hear from my new favorite person ever, Chef Patric Bell-Good of The Barrelhouse. This guy is hilarious! In addition to showing us how to make latkes and making me laugh my ass off, he provided some great advice for the home cook. The best piece of advice was that when it comes to buying pans, the cheap non-stick pans from IKEA will work just fine, but DO NOT scrub them with the rough side of the sponge if you want them to last. Whoops, guilty! But I surely won’t do it anymore.

Chef Patric Bell-Good

Chef Patric Bell-Good

3. If you’re still not convinced that you should spend some time at The Chef’s Table next year, let me add that the presentations include samples of whatever the professional chefs are whipping up for the audience – for free, no tickets required. I attended two presentations, and in that span of time I was fed some guacamole from Chef Fry, a piece of bruschetta, a giant rib, a latke with pimento cheese and a meatball with sauce.

4. Okay, back out on the streets, of course the main event at Taste of Atlanta is all of the restaurant food stalls doling out their finest bites in return for your prized tickets. General admission comes with 10 tickets, and the food at each stall typically costs between 1 and 4 tickets. (If needed, you can buy additional tickets on site, but I am usually too full to breathe when I’m done with mine.) By far the best thing I traded my tickets in for was the kale pakoras from Chai Pani. Zesty, crunchy and just a little bit saucy, both my husband and I agreed that they took top honor that day. From pizza to burgers to seafood, duck, dessert and everything in between, there’s enough to try at Taste of Atlanta to please any palate – even my husband’s, and he tends to be pretty picky.

Kale pakoras

Kale pakoras from Chai Pani

5. I am a sucker for good food/drink freebies, and there are plenty to be found at Taste of Atlanta. Vendors such as Keurig, Six Flags, Peace Tea and many others were giving out free samples to promote their products, and I loved it all!

If you live in or near Atlanta and love food, Taste of Atlanta is a must-do event! It takes place every fall, typically in Midtown. The web site lists out all of the restaurants that will be participating each year, as well as what they will be serving, so you can develop your plan of attack before arriving in order to maximize your ticket usage. You can also check out the schedule of chef presentations and other events online to decide when to go. Advance tickets are $25 per day, or you can get them on site for $35.

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