La Mei Zi – Works for me!

It seems like as soon as I discover and fall in love with a restaurant in this town, it changes its menu or closes. I loved the Taiwanese TJ House in Duluth when I first tried it, but before I could even return for round two, I heard that they had changed their menu entirely […]

The Top 10 Things I Ate (and Drank) in 2015

Between attending the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival, taking a spontaneous trip to Vietnam, and trying a bunch of new restaurants, 2015 was an epic food year for me (hence I had to hire a personal trainer in December). I really stuffed my face good, so it’s hard to pick just a few of the […]

Quoc Huong, aka Best Banh Mi in Atlanta

Yes, I am obsessed with Asian food, but I also love a good deli sandwich. Hence, my extreme adoration for banh mi. And if you want a banh mi in Atlanta, you go to Quoc Huong. Sure, there are other places in the area to indulge in this Vietnamese sandwich, but why not go to […]

Malaysian Magic at Mamak

Mamak. A new restaurant offering a mix of exotic and more approachable street food dishes from Malaysia. Exotic enough to excite the foodies, and approachable enough that I can bring my husband. The place is tiny and a little worn looking for a new restaurant, but the service and flavors more than make up for […]