Summer ICE 2015

Summer ICE Is Too Cool!!!

Fresh Factor 10June in Atlanta is filled with fun events, and Summer ICE is no exception. Combining food, beverages, crafts and beauty products all under one roof, it’s basically a magical vortex in which everything I love collides. In fact, I’m not even sure I should be allowed in such a place. My wallet agrees.

Summer ICE is an annual craft market on steroids put on by one of the coolest groups in the A, the Indie Craft Experience. In addition to several craft markets throughout the year, they also hold various crafting classes for those of us who really want to get in on the action. Everything they do excites and impresses me.

Summer ICE Display

Summer ICE Display

Where do I even start to talk about Summer ICE? The event is always at a big, industrial-type building right in the middle of the city that can serve as an open canvas for the dozens and dozens of crafters that sell their wares. This year it was at the Georgia Freight Depot near Underground Atlanta downtown, which was quickly transformed into a visual wonderland of tantalizing treasures.

After paying the modest $5 entry fee, I was let loose for my fanatic spending spree. I will say that the artists/crafters in the first several rows luck out, because by the time I got about halfway through the market, not only had I spent a lot of money (but this was to be expected), I also had so much stuff to carry that I couldn’t physically buy much more. Also, some of the vendors do start to get repetitive. I love me a good candle or body scrub, but I can only buy so many.

Get your fart stickers here!

Get your fart stickers here!

Overall, I probably spent around $300 at Summer ICE, and my friend did as well. Yes, this is a lot of money, but the loot I acquired was beyond awesome. If you have any level of self-restraint, you could probably get through the event for a lot less, but I doubt you could go and buy nothing. There are just far too many temptations to be had.

Here’s what my $300 bought me (see photo gallery below for pictures of all these items):

  • A charmingly unique and rustic vase/piece of wall art from Parker & Briggs.
  • Several amaaaazing, all-natural products from Little Barn Apothecary including a coffee + mint body scrub, lavender bath salts (the legal kind), lavender face oil and an intoxicating lemongrass + basil air spray. All of Little Barn’s products smelled so good I could not resist buying this many. And the guys from the company were so nice and fun to talk to I just couldn’t walk away empty handed. I hate to play favorites, but this was my favorite vendor at the event.
  • Four adorable magnets – three whimsical beauties from Big Yellow Dog Designs, and one from Whiskey Ginger Collective that proudly exclaims “Bitch, please!” in hot pink. Obviously I needed that one for self-expression purposes.
  • Three shockingly tasty jellies infused with coffee and/or alcohol from One Screw Loose.
  • Some funky ass sunglasses from glass artist Corinne Adams.
  • Three heavenly smelling and sophisticated looking candles from the Blackjack Wax Company.
  • Super cute cards from Inviite by Viizro, a so-ridiculous-I-had-to-have-it, pocket-sized cat notebook from Katie Bush, and some fart stickers from Andy Sloan Jackson, because who doesn’t need those??? Bonus points to Inviite by Viizro for also giving out free stationary with the cards. Free stuff rules forever.
The awesome guys from Little Barn Apothecary

The awesome guys from Little Barn Apothecary

While shopping, I was also able to grab a refreshingly delicious tea from Golda Kombucha, and my friend grabbed a nice glass of wine from a different vendor. Last but not least, when we exited the craft market with two tons of treasure, we were also able to stuff our faces with some enticing Mexi-Korean burritos from Yumbii (one of several food trucks parked outside the venue).

Despite my reckless spending, it was a wildly successful day. And I should add that I did buy some of these items for my mom’s birthday in addition to showering myself with an array of fun gifts. I can’t wait for ICE’s Holiday Shopping Spectacular in November!!!

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