Sugar Shack – I’ll be back!

As a resident of Brookhaven, I have been dying for the Sugar Shack to open on Peachtree. More and more eateries are slowly popping up in the area, but we still lack a chill place to grab a sandwich or coffee. While it seems my excitement and anticipation might have been a bit out of proportion, Sugar Shack is a decent spot.

Dropping in on a Saturday afternoon, I was certainly impressed with the crowd that the shack had attracted. Apparently I wasn’t the only one anxiously awaiting something unique in the neighborhood. While the pack made the tiny dining area look downright miniscule, there is outside seating that I’m sure will be put to good use once the temperature drops below 90.

I’d had a generous breakfast the day I stopped in, but I still managed to taste two sandwiches and two cupcakes. The turkey and gouda sandwich was palate-pleasing and hearty. All of the flavors blended together very well so that no one flavor was dominant. The smoked salmon sandwich was also good, but half the size of the turkey. Quite tiny, which is why when I originally ordered the turkey and my boyfriend got the salmon, I ended up with half the turkey and half the salmon. Overall the sandwich selection is creative and solid. I’ll definitely make another appearance to try both the prosciutto sandwich and roast beef panini.

By far the biggest focus of the Sugar Shack is its desserts (hence the name). The cases and countertops are overflowing with every kind of temptation imaginable – cakes, cupcakes, cookies, bars, muffins, brownies and more. Throughout the time I was there, my eyes were firmly transfixed on this cornucopia of goodness. I was dumbfounded by how many desserts they had, and also pondered how on earth they were going to sell even a fraction of them before they went stale.

While my eyes devoured all of them, just two of the desserts made it to my mouth – the coconut and cuatro leches cupcakes. The coconut was satisfyingly sweet with a strong punch of coconut flavor, but the cuatro leches was truly special. The “leches” made it so moist that it was completely void of any of the dryness that cupcakes often suffer from. A real treat indeed!

Overall, the shack made a favorable impression on me. I no longer lie awake at night dreaming about it as I did before it opened, but it will surely see my face again – probably sans make-up on a Saturday or Sunday morning when I decide to have cake for breakfast, and of course try one of their many coffee drinks.

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