Sandy Springs Farmers Market

Sandy Springs Farmers Market – An Unassuming Oasis of Top-Notch Treats

After seeing 1,000 posts about them on Twitter, I had been dying to hit up at least one of Atlanta’s farmers markets. After reviewing its list of vendors, I chose the Sandy Springs market based on the treats I could acquire there as well as its relative proximity to my home. (Getting out before noon on a Saturday can be tricky.)

Pulling up to the market, it looked fairly small, but I appreciated the fact that I didn’t have to struggle at all for parking, as it takes place in the parking lot of an old, abandoned Target. Despite its relatively small stature, the market makes up for its size with the amazing array of treasures it offers up.

Let’s start with the peaches. Over the years I have been relatively confused about Georgia’s top standings in the peach world, as the ones I’ve purchased at Kroger have been small, very mild in flavor and generally lackluster. When I moved here I was expecting the softball sized, super juicy variety of peaches that I used to find in China of all places.

Based on my lack of success in finding those gems here, I almost kept walking when I saw the Georgia Peach table at the market, but the line intrigued me and I took my place at the back. For $5, the kind vendor gingerly placed seven of the largest peaches I had seen since 1999 in Asia in my brown paper bag. As the super sweet juice from the first bite dripped down my chin, I knew I would not, after all, have to return to China for a good peach.

Peaches definitely dominated this market. I got some ginger peach ice cream from one of my Twitter stalkees, Westside Creamery, which was very flavorful and hit the spot in the blazing sun of the July morning. My most amazing find at the market was the yogurt from AtlantaFresh Artisan Creamery. Typically when it comes to yogurt I can take it or leave it, but my interest was strongly piqued by this creamery’s unique flavors. By the time I got to their table at around 10:30 am, they were already sold out of the Tropical Sweet Heat Flavor, which I most had my taste buds set on, but the three flavors I ended up purchasing – Black Cherry & Port Wine, Ginger Peach and Vanilla Caramel – did not disappoint. I could actually taste the wine in the Black Cherry & Port Wine, which blew me away, as did the other flavors. At $2 a piece, these yogurts are not cheap, but they are so far beyond what you can find in the grocery store in terms of both creaminess and flavor that they are well worth the extra investment.

Another terrific find at the market was the “sweet homemade seasonal breads” from Breadwinner. Having made an appearance on Food Network, these guys have been on my radar for awhile now, as have some of the other vendors at the market, so it was fantastic to get to try them all in one spot. The cannoli bread I bought from Breadwinner was sinfully tasty. Crusty on the outside and moist on the inside (much like a cannoli), I can’t get enough! At $15 a loaf and I-don’t-wanna-know-how-many calories, these breads cannot be a weekly purchase, but are definitely a great option for special occasions or intermittent splurges.

I’ve always been intrigued by flavored, dried pastas but have never purchased them. After all my other splurges, I figured what the hay and picked up a pound of lemon garlic flavored pasta from Pappardelle’s. It definitely added some nice flavor to my meal, but probably not $8 worth, which is what it costs for a pound. Last but not least, I purchased some Maple Ginger granola from a very nice lady with Goodness Gracious! Granola. Being all natural, it’s a little on the raw side, but still tasty, especially with milk poured over it.

Overall, SSFM was a very entertaining place to spend a Saturday morning. I have my boyfriend so excited about AtlantaFresh that we’re returning this weekend!

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  1. It sounds like a great place to find some unique food choices!!! I will have to check it out when I gwr to Atlanta!