Revelator Coffee, Atlanta

Espresso & Tonic at Revelator Coffee

I paid a visit to Atlanta’s Revelator Coffee on a Saturday around 11am. I was there because I read online that they had a drink that mixed coffee with tonic, and I just had to try it. Apparently I was the only one, because there were only about 4-5 other people in the shop. Of course for us it was a great thing, but I’m not sure it was great for business.

Maybe it was because the menu is fairly limited – with a handful of coffees and just a few small food items. It certainly wasn’t because of the atmosphere – large, bright, comfy, hip – the space had everything going for it, including some really cool art on the walls.


I loved, loved, loved the window seat where I could sprawl out and watch West Midtown come to life. I also enjoyed my drink, the espresso and tonic, which also included lime. Bitter as hell? Yes. Enjoyable? Also yes. It reminded me a bit of the recent coffee and lemon drink I had from Stand Coffee in New York, but better. Just as bitter, but sweeter and less watery. I usually like my coffee to be on the creamy side, but I’d order this again to switch things up.

Revelator Coffee

Espresso & Tonic, Revelator Coffee

Window seat, Revelator Coffee

Window seat!

My husband grabbed a bottled kombucha tea from the cooler. It was a local brew from Golda in Atlanta, which is quite good. Based on the lack of customers and menu items, I’m not sure how long Revelator will last, but I sure enjoyed it!

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