More Tasty Comfort Food

This Chicken and Pear Panini recipe from Rachael Ray is pretty good too. However, as with most of her recipes, my husband and I felt it could use a bit more salt at the end.

It all starts with the chicken thighs, which are way more flavorful than breasts. In order to cook them all the way through without scorching the outside, I found that covering the pan for the last few minutes of cooking works magically. That way you end up with chicken that is juicy on the inside and nice and crispy (but not burnt) on the outside. The same trick works well if you are having trouble getting your pears soft while your onions continue to brown away.

Here is the final product before the panini assembly – chicken, onions, pear and shredded cheese. This is where I would take a taste and either add some more salt or cheese or both.

Et voila! As you can see, I didn’t bother with the fancy escarole salad, though I’m sure it would be lovely. These sandwiches are pretty hefty, so a few carrot sticks was more than enough for a side dish.

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