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Maybe Burger

My first visit tphoto-1o Yeah! Burger on Atlanta’s west side was unpleasant, so much so that I renamed it “No! Burger.” After my second visit, I am calling it “Maybe Burger.”

The place was still impossibly crowded and loud, but I didn’t mind it as much when a cheerful server pulled my friend and I from the back of the line and directed us to two seats at the bar where we could be served immediately. (If you go there, definitely head straight for the bar before subjecting yourself to the wait-in-line-forever-to-order-then-look-around-hopelessly-for-a-table charade.)

Chatting (loudly) with my friend, the noise level was not as noticeable as the first time when I was there by myself impatiently waiting for a to-go order. (Note: You can also order to go at the bar and skip the line.)

My burger was also much better this time. I once again ordered the special, but this time it was a beef burger with goat cheese and fig (versus the lamb burger I got the last time). The meat was definitely cooked a lot better (a.k.a. not charred beyond recognition) and the toppings made for a sweet medley of salty, creamy and sweet. I enjoyed it a lot.

I was on my way to a festival, so I did not indulge in any sides or tasty shakes this time either. I did, however, try one of my friend’s fries. It had the charred flavor reminiscent of the lamb burger from my previous experience, and definitely needed salt. This is why the place is now called “maybe.”

This burger joint has so many interesting options to try out – both healthy and enticing ones – so I really want to give it a “yeah,” but I’m just not there yet. Maybe next time…

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