Joli Kobe

I finally checked out Joli Kobe the other day after hearing about it for years. The curry chicken salad sandwich I had was tasty, as was the ginger dressing served with my side of greens. My lunch was on the pricey side, but I was served quite a large portion and it was perfectly satisfying.

The issue I have is that I’ve heard people totally RAVE about Joli Kobe over the years, and I just don’t get it. I mean it was fine, but not the cultural wonderland I expected. The concept is unique – a French/Japanese bistro on one side and bakery on the other blending the flavors of Europe and Asia. Maybe I just built it up too much in my head? It seemed mostly French to me…or American for that matter.

I had also heard amazing things about the ambiance here. I didn’t get the full experience because the AC was up too high for me to sit inside, but the interior looked fairly typical to me. They also don’t have table service outside, just a few tables you can sit at if you order your food at the bakery and bring it outside in take-out containers. Outside seating is very important to me!

To be fair, I was too full to try a pastry, though I was intrigued by the Asian buns filled with unique flavors like red bean, sausage and Yakisoba. Next time I am in the area I vow to pick one up to make sure I give Joli Kobe a thorough investigation.

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