Shorty Howell Park

I love Shorty Howell

We had some panini fixin’s left over last night, so I took a break from cooking to enjoy the bizarrely nice weather and do a few laps around Shorty Howell Park in Duluth. I have blogged about it before, but I LOVE this park. It has everything – a 1.25 mile trail, regular track, playground for the kiddies and a cool pond filled with geese and turtles.

The 1.25 mile trail is the perfect distance for me – not too short so that it gets monotonous, but not dauntingly long either. I usually whip around three times and get a great workout. There are a few small hills, but they are very manageable and a welcome challenge.

If you live anywhere near Duluth, I highly recommend a trip to this park, whether to get a workout or just relax. The park is HUGE, so you’re sure to find a quiet spot to eat lunch or read a good book.
The geese are also fun to watch, but I would not recommend feeding them, as there are LOTS of them and they can get a bit aggressive (I speak from experience here). Also, make sure you wipe off your shoes real good when you get home because these geese leave behind a lot of gifts that you won’t want to track all over your carpet (again speaking from experience).

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