Have you called Jenny yet?

I must admit I’ve never been that big on soup, but I was recently taunted to go over to Souper Jenny in Buckhead for lunch by the promise of a free treat from the King of Pops. (Per my previous post, stalking of the King is officially under way.)

Souper Jenny is a homey little café where everyone seems like a regular and you feel like you’re eating in someone’s home – a very crowded home – but a home nonetheless, complete with super cute bowls for serving up the soup. Jenny’s crew is very friendly and chatty, and despite the chaotic ordering process, you really feel like you are cared for when you set foot in the door.

In addition to running the café in Buckhead, Jenny is also a dominant force in the Atlanta street food movement. She takes her own fare on the road with a food truck, and is a strong supporter of other street vendors, hence her collaboration with the King of Pops on the day I was there.

The free pop came with the $12 lunch deal, which includes any two items from the menu, along with a drink, roll, piece of fruit and dessert. The dessert is typically a cookie, but on the day I went it was all about the pops.

While waiting in the substantial, but speedy line, my eyes narrowed in on one of the sandwich offerings on the chalkboard menu. (The menu changes daily and is also available on Jenny’s web site and via email.) I began to salivate as I pictured the turkey sandwich with havarti, arugula and pineapple/zucchini marmalade I was about to order. Since Jenny is famous for her soup, I figured I’d better order some of that too, just to give it a whirl.

Even though I’m not a soup fanatic, I definitely enjoyed my chilled curry squash soup topped with a generous dollop of tangy yogurt. I also felt very sophisticated savoring this dish at my desk while my co-workers ate lean cuisines or bad salads from the office “bistro.” On to the sandwich – OH MY GOD! It was even better than I had imagined. I am still daydreaming about the perfect blend of meaty, creamy, spicy and sweet stuffed into a pillowy soft, perfectly chewy bun encrusted with a few slices of dried fruit. So enticing, yet comforting at the same time. I am so glad I got to try this euphoric delight.

As for the pops, I decided to continue with my pineapple theme and went for the pineapple ginger. WARNING – only get this pop if you are really into ginger, as it is quite powerful. Lucky for me, I love ginger, so it was a success. I have to say, though, that it definitely felt different eating this pop at my desk in the AC as opposed to last time when I was darting through the streets of downtown under the scorching sun. Under the sun is definitely the way to go when consuming a pop. After all, trying to eat the whole thing before it melts all over you is half the fun!

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