Com Vietnamese Grill – A Bit Too Subtle

This place got rave reviews online, so I decided to give it a whirl last time I was in Dunwoody. The ambiance is definitely adorable, a quaint mix of Vietnamese and French decor. The servers are attentive, and you have your choice of sitting inside or outside. There’s also a very welcoming waiting area with couches and magazines – though we didn’t have to wait because it was a Tuesday. For seating, we chose inside, as the small patio was getting a bit crowded.

The menu is…expensive. The flavors…subtle. Unsatisfying? No. Euphoric? Also, no. I guess I would say I was overwhelmed by the simplicity of the food based on the prices. I chose a dish of rice and grilled chicken. Luckily I added an order of stuffed grape leaves, because other than that I would have literally been served a few strips of plain, grilled chicken and a scoop of plain rice (for $12.75!). For $6.00 extra, I got two small grape leaves stuffed with lamb and spices. Although one of them was a bit charred for my taste, this was definitely the most flavorful thing on my plate (along with the dipping sauce it came with). 

My dining companion ordered the Ginger Chicken Claypot, which was also a bit too simple. Some chicken steamed in broth served with plain white rice and steamed vegetables (no flavorings) – for $16.25! She commented that it needed salt, and it looked very boring to me. 

The only saving grace to this ultra plain meal was that we still had room for dessert. Unlike our entrees, the banana and nutella crepe we ordered would be worth a trip back. For me, the piece de resistance was that it had coconut in it too.

Needless to say, this isn’t a place I’ll be rushing back to. However, I would entertain the idea of returning just to eat that dessert, and perhaps a few appetizers like more grape leaves, some spring rolls or maybe even a soup. The cocktails all looked really good, too, but I wasn’t drinking that night. They can keep the main dishes though. 

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