Atlanta Food & Wine Festival By the Numbers

As our Memorial Day festivities wind down, it’s time to turn our attention to the next big event – the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival taking place this weekend! I am attending for the first time this year and could not be more thrilled. Why, you ask? Well, the numbers don’t lie… Launched in 2011, […]

Jiachang Liangcai – So Much More Than Salad!

I’ll never forget the look of disapproval I got when she saw me outside the dorm smoking a cigarette and drinking a beer. Or the face of sheer embarrassment she wore when I tried to teach her how to dance. I imagine it felt something like the mortification I experienced when she insisted on holding […]

Fall Fun in North Georgia

Whether you have little ones or not, there’s tons of fall fun to be had in the North Georgia mountains. But run, don’t walk! The weather and growing seasons will not cooperate for too much longer. Apple Picking Growing up in Maine, this has always been a much loved fall tradition for me and my […]

Savannah in a Day

With all of its natural beauty, history, museums, shops and eateries – not to mention its proximity to the beach – one could easily spend several lazy days in Savannah. However, if you find yourself pressed for time like my mom and I did a few weekends ago, one day would certainly do. Just be […]

Seattle Unraveled

I was fortunate enough to return to Seattle since my first post on it a few years ago and pick up some more insights about this gorgeous city. FYI, it is still beautiful. People were a lot ruder than I remembered, though, especially cab drivers. Apparently, in Seattle, if you call a cab and are […]

Blog 2.0

So this blog has been a labor of love for me since 2007. Like many things I love, it often gets neglected due to the daily tasks I have to perform in order to pay the bills, keep the house in a livable condition, keep from becoming morbidly obese, etc. But now I’d really like […]

My Go-To Spot in NYC

For the past eight years, I have been seeking out go-to spots in ATL where I can turn to in times of weakness for a culinary pick-me-up. The qualifiers are fairly simple in my opinion – cheap, quick, consistent, delicious, easy to get to and not too unhealthy to eat at regularly. Unfortunately, for the […]

In love with Helen

Helen is a well-rounded little lady. She boasts both peace and tranquility and hustle and bustle. If you take in both like I did, she makes the perfect hostess for a weekend getaway in the mountains of North Georgia. After countless weekends of raucous parties at my apartment pool, I decided I had to get […]

Fancy, Fattening…Phoenix

Phoenix is gorgeous. Between the mountains that surround the city, the perpetual sun and infinite, cartoon-like cacti, it’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before. And, news to me, they even have palm trees! How fancy! Alas, it is not the kind of place where you can really cover much ground without a car. I learned […]

Salami, Sinophilia and the Space Needle

A Serene Stroll through Seattle In a city where multi-colored hair, all-black clothing and Doc Martens are more common than jeans and sneakers, I felt oddly comfortable. Although I have not strongly embraced the grunge movement since high school, I was much more at ease strolling among the expressive souls of Seattle than I have […]