Atlanta Food & Wine Festival By the Numbers

As our Memorial Day festivities wind down, it’s time to turn our attention to the next big event – the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival taking place this weekend! I am attending for the first time this year and could not be more thrilled. Why, you ask? Well, the numbers don’t lie… Launched in 2011, […]

Fall Fun in North Georgia

Whether you have little ones or not, there’s tons of fall fun to be had in the North Georgia mountains. But run, don’t walk! The weather and growing seasons will not cooperate for too much longer. Apple Picking Growing up in Maine, this has always been a much loved fall tradition for me and my […]

Girl Beer

I am a total girl when it comes to beer. In fact, I usually only drink beers with the word ‘blue’ in them – Bunker Hill Blueberry Ale, SweetWater Blue, Blue Moon, etc. However, we had some Bud Light Limes left in the fridge after a recent neighborhood gathering the other night and I thought, […]

Miss Lawrence at Bar ONE!!!

If you’re like me and get annoyed that you never see celebrities out and about, go to Bar ONE in downtown Atlanta, owned by Peter Thomas of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. While I did not see him or any of the “wives” there, I did see someone far better – the one and only […]

tahCha Teahouse – whimsical but confusing…

Went to sip some tea at tahCha Teahouse on Chamblee Tucker last night. I have very mixed feelings about this place. With a wide selection of creative beverages, a super inviting environment with plenty of comfortable seating and colorful art and trinkets for sale around the room, it has great potential. However, I was immediately […]

Congrats to Stats!

Sassy New Saloon Kicks Sports Bar up a Notch My head clouded from world-famous Atlanta allergies, I reluctantly made my way into the drizzly day to meet my friend for a Thrashers game. Never wanting to pass up an opportunity to eat something good, I suggested we check out the new, super-chic sports bar, Stats, […]