Is Blue Apron worth it???

In short, yaaaasss! In long form, here’s why: 1. I used to spend a disgusting amount of time each week planning meals, making grocery lists, shopping for said groceries, and then scrambling to make everything before all the ingredients went bad. Because I abhor grocery shopping, I used to try to go every other week […]

Xīn Nián Kuài Lè!

Happy Chinese New Year! This is literally one of my favorite holidays. I like to throw down a nice little meal every year. Despite my penchant for food and cooking, I’m no good without recipes, so here’s what I’m planning to make. Pre-marinated stir fry beef from H Mart. Store bought frozen dumplings of some […]

Jiachang Liangcai – So Much More Than Salad!

I’ll never forget the look of disapproval I got when she saw me outside the dorm smoking a cigarette and drinking a beer. Or the face of sheer embarrassment she wore when I tried to teach her how to dance. I imagine it felt something like the mortification I experienced when she insisted on holding […]

The Vday “Masket”

Ladies – Do you still need a Valentine’s Day gift for your boo? Introducing the “masket,” aka man basket. Here’s the one I made for my husband, consisting of candy, smoked nuts and liquor. In the cellophane baggies are two specialty craft beers from Atlanta’s Hop City. In the middle is sake. My husband was […]

From Sweets to Sprouts – I’m on a diet, y’all!

So I’m on a new diet. Generally I hate diets, but desperate times call for desperate measures. I have been trying to get pregnant for almost three years to no avail, and Western medicine has failed me. I am therefore going Eastern, y’all, which means acupuncture, herbs and a pretty strict food regimen. I am […]

An Easter Feaster!

Today’s Easter Brunch with our besties was a great success! The menu: Spiral ham with brown sugar glaze – just warm, glaze, and warm some more! Pillsbury Grands! biscuits with apricot butter – mix a stick of softened butter with six tablespoons of apricot preserves and a teaspoon of fresh thyme. (I got the general […]

Food Find Friday – Healthy Snacks from NatureBox!

One of my coolest food finds lately is NatureBox. Every month, I receive a package in the mail with a generous portion of five yummy, healthy snacks. So far, most of the snacks have blown me away, and those that didn’t, I just fed to my husband. 🙂 Some of my favorite snacks so far […]

Make-At-Home Mondays: Pico de Gallo

Even though I work from home, Mondays are real hard. Especially this Monday with the whole “Spring forward” ordeal robbing us of an hour of sleep. Most Mondays I don’t even bother leaving the house, but after a weekend of treats, I do like to get us back on track with healthy eating. Hence, my […]