The Awe-Inspiring Paradise That Is Vietnam

I just got back from Vietnam and I can safely say it was the most amazing place I have ever been. Mind-blowing natural scenery? Check. Gorgeous architecture? Check. Amazing food? Super friendly people? Unique experiences? Beautiful beaches? Yup, it has all of that too. For me it was the perfect vacation destination. Guided Tours and […]

Euphoric Fries at Takorea Dunwoody

I stopped into Dunwoody’s Takorea for a quick lunch the other day. Besides having the most clever name ever, this ultra casual Mexican-Korean spot boasts the best fries on earth. Made with sesame oil and red pepper flakes, they are an addictive mix of sweet and savory flavors with just the perfect amount of crunch. […]

My 10 Favorite Things to Do in Boston

Before moving to Atlanta, I lived in Boston for seven years. Despite the harsh winters (and attitudes), I really, really love Beantown. Nowadays, I only get back there about once a year, so my expertise on the city is admittedly waning. Nonetheless, here are 10 of my favorite, tried-and-true things to do in this beautiful […]

Umaido Ramen – Round 2

I went back to Umaido in Suwanee this week for lunch. I included them in a recent round-up of awesome places to eat in Gwinnett County, and not much has changed since. The ramen is still the best in town, and the service still leaves something to be desired. Since I was there around 11:30 […]

Quoc Huong, aka Best Banh Mi in Atlanta

Yes, I am obsessed with Asian food, but I also love a good deli sandwich. Hence, my extreme adoration for banh mi. And if you want a banh mi in Atlanta, you go to Quoc Huong. Sure, there are other places in the area to indulge in this Vietnamese sandwich, but why not go to […]

Five Awesome Places to Chow Down in North Gwinnett

When I first moved up to Lawrenceville, I was pleasantly surprised and thoroughly impressed with the variety of cool places to eat and hang out even way, way up here in the ‘burbs. Here’s my first love note to North Gwinnett. I am happy to say that since first writing this, I continue to be […]

Jiachang Liangcai – So Much More Than Salad!

I’ll never forget the look of disapproval I got when she saw me outside the dorm smoking a cigarette and drinking a beer. Or the face of sheer embarrassment she wore when I tried to teach her how to dance. I imagine it felt something like the mortification I experienced when she insisted on holding […]

Malaysian Magic at Mamak

Mamak. A new restaurant offering a mix of exotic and more approachable street food dishes from Malaysia. Exotic enough to excite the foodies, and approachable enough that I can bring my husband. The place is tiny and a little worn looking for a new restaurant, but the service and flavors more than make up for […]

From Sweets to Sprouts – I’m on a diet, y’all!

So I’m on a new diet. Generally I hate diets, but desperate times call for desperate measures. I have been trying to get pregnant for almost three years to no avail, and Western medicine has failed me. I am therefore going Eastern, y’all, which means acupuncture, herbs and a pretty strict food regimen. I am […]

TJ House – A Taiwanese Treasure

As a fairly new establishment, TJ House is still interested in impressing its customers – and it sure worked on me! Located in the Kroger plaza off of Old Norcross Rd. and Steve Reynolds Blvd. in Duluth, the restaurant is clean and well appointed with modern décor. The staff is super friendly and able to […]