Cakes Ale Decatur

Cakes & Ale Has Class! (Oh, and really good food…)

Fresh Factor 9Cakes & Ale is a classy joint! No wonder Christiane Lauterbach likes it so much. I arrived during the Decatur Book Festival promptly at 11:30 am on a Saturday. Since it was just opening time, I was blissfully their very first customer of the day. Seated in a gorgeous dining room and served water in a pretty blue bottle, I felt very important and fancy.

Still too early for cocktails, I ordered an iced coffee, which came to me in a green mason jar accompanied by a small carafe of cream and a bowl overflowing with sugar cubes. I loved all the fanfare over my little old coffee!

Cakes & Ale Decatur

Cakes & Ale Decatur

Since I was solo, I was directed to a tiny table near the front. Seated (very) next to me was a couple also taking a break from the festival. They were so close I pretty much digested their entire conversation. It didn’t really bother me, but it might have been a bit distracting had I been trying to carry on a conversation of my own too.

For lunch I ordered the soppressata sandwich and sweet potato chips. It’s hard to go wrong with cured meat, but Cakes & Ale took this sandwich to another level with tons of veggies including nice, thick pieces of eggplant and lots of caramelized onions. It was ridiculous! The chips were not made in-house but they were still good.

Cakes & Ale sandwich

Cakes & Ale sandwich

My sandwich arrived quickly, but the restaurant pretty much filled up shortly thereafter. It therefore took me an eternity to get my check, but luckily I wasn’t in any hurry.

In addition to high levels of class and mind-blowing sandwiches, Cakes & Ale also serves up more formal fare at dinnertime, and has a café attached to it for drinks, desserts and snacks. The restaurant was the perfect respite from the heat and crowds of the festival.

Note that the menu changes frequently, so I no longer see my particular sandwich on it. I’m sure the other offerings are great as well though! Cakes & Ale is definitely one of my top choices for dining in Decatur.

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