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Burgers and Bakers in Buckhead Atlanta

I had been dying to check out the new shopping center for the rich known as Buckhead Atlanta, and finally made it over there this past weekend. Home to ridiculously expensive stores like Christian Louboutin and Hermes, I was obviously not there to shop, but rather to eat of course.

Shake Shack

First I had to see if this Shake Shack joint lived up to its hype. It didn’t really. The “ShackBurger” I had was perfectly fine, but lacked pizzazz. In fact, I thought my husband was crazy for ordering a portobello burger, but his was actually better than mine. I had other plans for dessert, so I can’t comment on their shakes or concretes, but I can tell you that the Shake Shack fries were decent. Crinkle cut fries are not typically my favorite, but these were nicely salted and flavorful.

If I need a delicious burger fix, I’m still likely to head over to The Varsity instead. However, if I want to dine in a super hip and swanky burger establishment, I’ll head straight to the rooftop of Shake Shack, which was pretty exquisite (see image at top of post).

Georgetown Cupcake

The other thing that Shake Shack has going for it in my opinion is its proximity to the best cupcakes in the country just around the corner at Georgetown Cupcake. While I was of course a fan of the show DC Cupcakes, these cakes speak for themselves. I have tried them at the New York, Boston and now Atlanta locations and they were flawless every time.

Georgetown Cupcake in Key Lime

Georgetown Cupcake in Key Lime

Today’s cupcake purveyors tend to rely too much on their frosting – piling an insane tower of dense goo onto a dry afterthought of a cake. Not so at Georgetown Cupcake! The cake-to-frosting ratio is balanced and the cake is always nice and moist.

As for Buckhead Atlanta itself, I sure hope business picks up when it’s fully complete, as it was all but a ghost town last Saturday afternoon (except for the eateries). Maybe it was the 90 degree heat, or maybe it was the $90 price tag for a candle. Time will tell.

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