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Atlanta Food & Wine Festival Tasting Tents – The Sweets Take the Cake!

The tasting tents at the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival (AF&WF) this past weekend included over 120 food and beverage purveyors, so needless to say I couldn’t try it all. However, over the course of the two hours I was there, I definitely took a good look at everything, and I think I did a pretty good job of sampling as much as I possibly could without dying.

Atlanta Food & Wine Festival Tasting Tents

Atlanta Food & Wine Festival Tasting Tents

Amidst all of the savory dishes, desserts and gallons of alcoholic beverages under the tents, for me, it was the sweets that really stole the show. From brownies to ice cream to donuts, cake, popsicles, chocolates and everything in between, no sweet tooth could possibly go unsatisfied at this event. Here are a few of my favorite sweet treats from AF&WF:

1. Peach Cobbler from Georgia’s Lane Southern Orchards. I was actually pretty full by the time I tried this, but it didn’t stop me from shoveling spoonful after spoonful of this gooey, fruity concoction into my mouth.

Peach Cobbler

Peach Cobbler from Lane Southern Orchards

2. Chess Pie from Sweet 16th bakery in Nashville. This was one of the first things I ate in the tasting tents, and as soon as I popped it into my mouth, I said to myself, “I’m really glad I’m here.” I chased it with a Sweet 16th brownie, which also made me smile from ear to ear, but it was the chess pie that totally stole my heart.

Sweet 16th Bakery at AF&WF

Sweet 16th Bakery at AF&WF

3. 7-Layer Caramel Cake from Caroline’s Cakes in South Carolina. I was lucky enough to try this twice because in addition to being in the tasting tents, it was also served at a special AF&WF event I attended featuring food and beverages from South Carolina. Just picture layer upon layer of soft, so-sweet-it’s-gritty caramel in between an equal amount of cake layers, covered all over with one final layer of caramel. In short, it’s heaven. And that gritty comment is by no means a knock on the cake or caramel – all of the best desserts I can think of are a little bit gritty with those sweet, sweet sugar crystals.

Caroline's Cakes at AF&WF

Caroline’s Cakes at AF&WF

4. Fresh Peach Slider from Revolution Doughnuts in Decatur, Georgia. A fluffy, sugar-covered doughnut cut in half and filled with fresh peaches – sheer brilliance! Out of everything I ate in the tents, it was this doughnut that wowed me the most. The flavor and texture contrast of super fresh, ripe fruit and a sinful doughnut was divine. Even better, Revolution Doughnuts are made with all-natural ingredients and organic flour, so they’re kind of good for you if you think about it. It’s no wonder they have appeared on Food Network and Cooking Channel!

Revolution Doughnuts at AF&WF

Revolution Doughnuts at AF&WF

In addition to these stand-out sweets, there were plenty of other delicious things I tasted at AF&WF. Stay tuned for more posts on the event throughout this week!

Were you at AF&WF? What was the best thing you ate? Leave me a comment and let me know.

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