A Mexi-korean Lunch with Yumbii

When I heard that the Korean taco truck also known as Yumbii was going to be in Buckhead recently, my lunch plans were solidified. After receiving the truck’s exact location via Twitter, I quickly spotted its vibrant colors bursting from behind the trees like an oasis amidst a desert of towering office buildings.

The truck had already gathered a respectable crowd of very intrigued patrons who peppered one of the owners with endless questions about her business and the Atlanta street food movement in general, all of which she graciously and enthusiastically answered while helping to facilitate the food orders.

When it came my turn to order and chat, I found out that she also owns a clothing boutique in Buckhead called Rebecca, and that her son came up with the idea for the Yumbii truck during their frequent trips to LA (where food trucks roam free and don’t have to feed the masses on the DL like they do in Atlanta).

This was my second rendezvous with the Yumbii/Hankook Taqueria entity (Hankook being the restaurant component of this venture, Yumbii being the truck). At Hankook I had the beef taco (tasty, but not super Asian-tasting) and the sesame fries (uniquely delicious and very Asian). From the Yumbii truck I scored a chicken burrito. It was quite spicy (bonus!) and definitely had an interesting combination of flavors that kept me on my toes.

Overall, I think my palate is still trying to figure this Mexi-korean cuisine out. Of course, there’s only one way to do that – see you next time, Yumbii!

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