Euphoric Fries at Takorea Dunwoody

I stopped into Dunwoody’s Takorea for a quick lunch the other day. Besides having the most clever name ever, this ultra casual Mexican-Korean spot boasts the best fries on earth. Made with sesame oil and red pepper flakes, they are an addictive mix of sweet and savory flavors with just the perfect amount of crunch. […]

Blissful Bites at bartaco Buckhead

Thanks to my friend, I fiiiinally got to try the infamous bartaco last weekend. We had a date to walk in Chastain Park, and she suggested we grab lunch at bartaco Buckhead beforehand. I had been wanting to try bartaco for the longest time, but rarely get over to Atlanta’s Westside, so I was ecstatic […]

My 10 Favorite Things to Do in Boston

Before moving to Atlanta, I lived in Boston for seven years. Despite the harsh winters (and attitudes), I really, really love Beantown. Nowadays, I only get back there about once a year, so my expertise on the city is admittedly waning. Nonetheless, here are 10 of my favorite, tried-and-true things to do in this beautiful […]