An Easter Feaster!

Today’s Easter Brunch with our besties was a great success! The menu: Spiral ham with brown sugar glaze – just warm, glaze, and warm some more! Pillsbury Grands! biscuits with apricot butter – mix a stick of softened butter with six tablespoons of apricot preserves and a teaspoon of fresh thyme. (I got the general […]

Food Find Friday – Healthy Snacks from NatureBox!

One of my coolest food finds lately is NatureBox. Every month, I receive a package in the mail with a generous portion of five yummy, healthy snacks. So far, most of the snacks have blown me away, and those that didn’t, I just fed to my husband. 🙂 Some of my favorite snacks so far […]

Miller Union vs. Bocado

Miller Union reminds me a lot of Bocado – they are both located in Atlanta’s West Side in semi-industrial digs, and both offer a similar menu of high-quality, fancy American dishes and creative cocktails. I will say Bocado’s menu items appealed to me a bit more, but I could not resist getting the burger in […]