Food Find Fridays: Einstein Bros Thintastic Bagels

So a few weeks ago it was my birthday. I actually got up in the morning and went to the gym before work. Only problem is there is an Einstein Bros Bagels right next to the gym, and I looove me a good bagel, and well, it was my birthday! Feeling like I deserved a […]

Make-At-Home Mondays: Pico de Gallo

Even though I work from home, Mondays are real hard. Especially this Monday with the whole “Spring forward” ordeal robbing us of an hour of sleep. Most Mondays I don’t even bother leaving the house, but after a weekend of treats, I do like to get us back on track with healthy eating. Hence, my […]

Sobban Is a Scene!

The Sobban Korean Southern Diner in Decatur is a scene like none other. Starting with the aesthetics — the futuristic roof, neon yellow sign and giant outside umbrellas and heaters make you feel like you’re at a diner from the Jetsons. I had plenty of time to marvel at this odd, yet intriguing venue because […]