I love Shorty Howell

We had some panini fixin’s left over last night, so I took a break from cooking to enjoy the bizarrely nice weather and do a few laps around Shorty Howell Park in Duluth. I have blogged about it before, but I LOVE this park. It has everything – a 1.25 mile trail, regular track, playground […]

More Tasty Comfort Food

This Chicken and Pear Panini recipe from Rachael Ray is pretty good too. However, as with most of her recipes, my husband and I felt it could use a bit more salt at the end. It all starts with the chicken thighs, which are way more flavorful than breasts. In order to cook them all […]

Yummy & Easy Winter Recipe

This recipe from Food Network is the joint. Soy-Maple Salmon with Cauliflower – mmmm hmmmm. I put the cauliflower on top of brown rice to make it a bit more hearty for this annoying winter weather we’re having here in Atlanta. The recipe was super easy and a winner, even with my husband who can […]