Have you called Jenny yet?

I must admit I’ve never been that big on soup, but I was recently taunted to go over to Souper Jenny in Buckhead for lunch by the promise of a free treat from the King of Pops. (Per my previous post, stalking of the King is officially under way.) Souper Jenny is a homey little […]

A Mexi-korean Lunch with Yumbii

When I heard that the Korean taco truck also known as Yumbii was going to be in Buckhead recently, my lunch plans were solidified. After receiving the truck’s exact location via Twitter, I quickly spotted its vibrant colors bursting from behind the trees like an oasis amidst a desert of towering office buildings. The truck […]

Joli Kobe

I finally checked out Joli Kobe the other day after hearing about it for years. The curry chicken salad sandwich I had was tasty, as was the ginger dressing served with my side of greens. My lunch was on the pricey side, but I was served quite a large portion and it was perfectly satisfying. […]

In love with Helen

Helen is a well-rounded little lady. She boasts both peace and tranquility and hustle and bustle. If you take in both like I did, she makes the perfect hostess for a weekend getaway in the mountains of North Georgia. After countless weekends of raucous parties at my apartment pool, I decided I had to get […]

Crab Stick and Cucumber Stir Fry

So when my boyfriend suggested crab sticks for dinner the other night, I had no idea what he was talking about. It turns out crab sticks are little pre-cooked, processed morsels that taste like crab but are actually made up of fish parts and other fillers. Sound good? Well, it was. Real good. Since I […]