Urban Picnic – Worth the Trek

I work in Buckhead, so I am super excited that I was able to make it to the Urban Picnic downtown today – and I was only away from my desk for one hour and 10 mins! Anyone who lives in Atlanta knows that is a major feat based on traffic and parking in this […]

Five-Spice Coconut Chicken – Hell yes!

I (sort’ve) made this last night, except instead of marinating the chicken for 15 minutes, I marinated it for three hours. My BF then cooked it up on the outside grill with a side of sliced zucchini I supplied to him slathered in rosemary-infused oil and dusted with salt and freshly ground black pepper. I […]

Canyons Doesn’t Cut the Mustard

Sadly my neighborhood (Brookhaven) lacks in quality eateries, which is why I have found myself at Canyons Burger Company on Peachtree one too many times. Yesterday after working all day, attending an evening meeting and somewhere along the way developing an intense craving for burgers, I was back there again for some late-night sustenance. While […]

Go Publix!

I admit I always shop at Kroger for the deals, but Publix is a fine establishment. I love how they have people there cooking up fun recipes for shoppers to sample in the store and try at home. This week I tried one I collected from them awhile ago when I was visiting my mom […]

Nathan’s Fries Are To Dies!

I’m not usually that into junk food, but I am currently daydreaming about the bacon ranch fries my boyfriend got from Nathan’s on Saturday. Yes, the Nathan’s that specializes in hot dogs and is most likely in your local airport. Anyway, it turns out Nathan’s fries are quite the thing on their own – plump, […]

This week’s culinary adventures

Having a bunch of sophisticated ingredients left over from some paninis I made last week, I decided to scramble up some eggs with onion, tomato, provolone, sopressata and arugula. Mmmmmm boy!!! Next was on to pizza! Followed by Asian noodles with tofu…And last but not least, ice cream with olive oil and salt (idea stolen […]

tahCha Teahouse – whimsical but confusing…

Went to sip some tea at tahCha Teahouse on Chamblee Tucker last night. I have very mixed feelings about this place. With a wide selection of creative beverages, a super inviting environment with plenty of comfortable seating and colorful art and trinkets for sale around the room, it has great potential. However, I was immediately […]


There were a couple of places I’d been dying to get to on the Westside for some time now, so I decided to take advantage when I had a dance class to go to over there. First stop, Star Provisions. Yes, I know I am probably the last food lover in all of Atlanta to […]

Cafe 101 – Pretty Darn Basic

Considering the funky digs and quirky menu, I expected to be surprised and delighted by Cafe 101. However, as the name suggests, it was pretty basic and, unfortunately, not busy at all on a Saturday night. In the span of 10 minutes, my dining partner and I were asked no less than six times if […]

A Sandwich at Savor

I will make this one short and sweet. I tried a sandwich from Savor today. It was called The Toscano and included “fennel seed salami with Tuscan olive chutney, provolone, mayo and local greens.” The sandwich was good and it was kind of entertaining to look at their random assortment of gourmet groceries, cooking utensils […]