Revelator Coffee, Atlanta

Espresso & Tonic at Revelator Coffee

I paid a visit to Atlanta’s Revelator Coffee on a Saturday around 11am. I was there because I read online that they had a drink that mixed coffee with tonic, and I just had to try it. Apparently I was the only one, because there were only about 4-5 other people in the shop. Of course for us it was a great thing, but I’m not sure it was great for business.

Maybe it was because the menu is fairly limited – with a handful of coffees and just a few small food items. It certainly wasn’t because of the atmosphere – large, bright, comfy, hip – the space had everything going for it, including some really cool art on the walls.


I loved, loved, loved the window seat where I could sprawl out and watch West Midtown come to life. I also enjoyed my drink, the espresso and tonic, which also included lime. Bitter as hell? Yes. Enjoyable? Also yes. It reminded me a bit of the recent coffee and lemon drink I had from Stand Coffee in New York, but better. Just as bitter, but sweeter and less watery. I usually like my coffee to be on the creamy side, but I’d order this again to switch things up.

Revelator Coffee

Espresso & Tonic, Revelator Coffee

Window seat, Revelator Coffee

Window seat!

My husband grabbed a bottled kombucha tea from the cooler. It was a local brew from Golda in Atlanta, which is quite good. Based on the lack of customers and menu items, I’m not sure how long Revelator will last, but I sure enjoyed it!

Staten Island Ferry, New York

New York City – Beyond Broadway…

Ahhhh, New York. How do you even begin to review the city that never sleeps???

Here’s how. I’m sure many of you have been to Manhattan, but have you spent much time in the other boroughs? As I have discovered, while Manhattan is of course an endless treasure chest of good times and great eats, there’s much to be said for the food and fun in Queens, Brooklyn and the other boroughs as well.

In fact, on my most recent trip to New York I never even set foot in Manhattan. It was all Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx, baby.


Let’s start with Queens. Since my husband and bestie are both from there, I may be a tad biased, but their food game is more than a little serious.


First of all, if you go to New York and you don’t seek out a good bagel, you are an idiot. I suggest that you get said bagel at Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Co. (which oddly has no locations in Brooklyn). In addition to three separate spots in Astoria, Queens, there’s also one in Manhattan if you don’t feel like venturing out of the city.

Brooklyn Bagel

Brooklyn Bagel (in Queens!)

Despite their wide variety of bagel and schmear (as well as some decent coffee and bagel sandwiches), I always get the same thing. A plain or sesame bagel with bacon scallion cream cheese. Whoever first decided to marry bacon with scallions is a genius in the truest sense. These bagels are colossal and covered with way too much schmear, but it wouldn’t be as good any other way.

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Le Fat bar

Le Fat Made All My Dreams Come True

Maybe it’s because of my epic trip last year, but lately I am crushing hard on Vietnamese food. Usually in order to get the good stuff, you have to venture into an international part of town like Norcross or Buford Highway. Not that there’s anything wrong with that – I do it all the time. But I was most impressed to find an upscale Vietnamese restaurant complete with complimentary valet right in West Midtown. Go, Atlanta!

The décor at Le Fat is very classy and vintage. The service is attentive. The drink choices are plentiful. And the food is wow. I was ultra impressed when I asked about a certain wine and our server said I could taste it first. This place is legit! I don’t remember seeing any Asian wines or beers on the list, though, which would have been a nice touch. (Thankfully they do have my fave, Vietnamese coffee.)

Le Fat decor

Le Fat decor

Le Fat decor

Le Fat decor

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Suwanee Park Tavern Burger

Suwanee Park Tavern

Fresh Factor 7

Out of 10

We finally went to check out Suwanee Town Center recently. In addition to a picturesque green space, some shops and some fountains for the kids to play in, it also has of course a bunch of restaurants. Many of them are chains – Ippolito’s, Mellow Mushroom, Five Guys, etc. – but there were also some originals too.

We decided to try Suwanee Park Tavern because well, beer, but also their outside seating looked so inviting. Inviting it was – with a nice awning for shade and a great view of the park. It was also super quiet, which we love. Our server was friendly, and the food was pretty good too. Overall, a nice spot.

Suwanee Town Center

Suwanee Town Center

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La Mei Zi

La Mei Zi – Works for me!

Fresh Factor 8

Out of 10

It seems like as soon as I discover and fall in love with a restaurant in this town, it changes its menu or closes. I loved the Taiwanese TJ House in Duluth when I first tried it, but before I could even return for round two, I heard that they had changed their menu entirely and were serving Cantonese food instead of Taiwanese. (I think they have even closed entirely since then.)

So I was pleased to find out that some of the folks behind the old TJ House had opened a new spot in Doraville called La Mei Zi. I was even more pleased to learn that they served a lunch buffet on the weekends. I love me a good buffet, especially an Asian one!

I’m happy to report that my friend and I were both quite pleased by La Mei Zi’s buffet, so hopefully they don’t shut down anytime soon. The buffet included several soups, about a dozen or so main dishes, and a few desserts. They also served free plum juice with the buffet. The dishes were a mix of Americanized and more traditional fare. I truly think it would please any palate.

La Mei Zi Buffet

La Mei Zi Buffet

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Sweet Chili Wontons and Crispy "Tiger" Sprouts

Ba Bellies – Norcross, Georgia

Fresh Factor 6

Out of 10

I’ve been hitting up Norcross hard lately. My latest stop was Ba Bellies near Peachtree Corners. Described as an Asian gastropub, and affiliated with the delicious Vietnamese restaurant, Nam Phuong, also in Norcross, it basically sounded like heaven on earth to me. However, they inexplicably only serve brunch on both Saturday and Sunday (instead of lunch), so brunch it was.

The brunch menu was a bit odd. Since Ba Bellies had been described by others as fusion cuisine, I expected to find traditional brunch dishes spiked with Asian flavors. But what I actually saw were some menu items that sounded purely American, and others that were purely Asian.

Needless to say I went for the Asian dishes ‘cause I can get a waffle anywhere. Some of the items I saw on the brunch menu online were not on the menu we were given in the restaurant, while others that weren’t on the brunch menu online made an appearance on the physical brunch menu – so expect to be surprised by the menu if you go. I went with the Crispy “Tiger” Sprouts and the Sweet Chili Wontons.

Sweet Chili Wontons and Crispy "Tiger" Sprouts

Sweet Chili Wontons and Crispy “Tiger” Sprouts

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Eggplant empanizado

Mojitos Cuban Bistro – Historic Norcross

Fresh Factor 3

3 out of 10

I love me some Cuban food, so I was excited to try Mojitos in historic Norcross. I was also excited because I had never been to this part of Norcross, but had seen it many times on one of my favorite shows, ABC’s Resurrection, which filmed there but was unfortunately not resurrected for a third season.

This area of Norcross is filled with buildings dating back to the 1800s, some of which were immediately recognizable to me from TV, so it was very exciting to check things out. I literally felt like I had gone back in time or stumbled onto a TV set. It was really cool.

While historic Norcross delivered, Mojitos did not. I did love the vibe of the restaurant though. The intimate space with brightly colored Caribbean art made me feel like I’d traveled to Cuba. That feeling unfortunately started to fade when I was served a lackluster pina colada. How do you mess up a pina colada? This one needed way more sugar.

Mojitos pina colada

Mojitos pina colada

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Krog Street Market

My Favorite Things about Krog Street Market

Fresh Factor 10I have always loved Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward for its historic, laid-back charm. With the addition of Krog Street Market, it’s only gotten better. While the market is a bit of a destination, it’s just small and quirky enough to fit into the neighborhood and add to its charm versus detract from it.

A modern-day food court with tons of artisan fare, there’s lots to admire about Krog Street Market. Here are some of my favorites:

  1. While it can be tricky to find a spot, parking is free. This luxury is becoming less and less common in Atlanta.
  2. There is plenty of food to choose from, but the market is still small enough to walk around it a few times before making a selection. I like choices, but too many can be overwhelming.
  3. Since the closing of the beloved Gu’s Bistro on Buford Highway, this is now the only place to experience the ultra-satisfying Gu’s Dumplings (and other limited selections from the former restaurant’s menu).
  4. It’s not just all about eating. There’s drinking too! Perhaps the coolest thing about the market is Hop City, where you can find a mind-blowing selection of craft beers. Since you are able to buy them by the single bottle, I made an awesome variety pack for my husband one Valentine’s Day (in addition to snagging a few interesting brews for myself). You can also drink these beers as you walk around the market. And they have a bar where you can order by the glass if you want to be more sophisticated!
  5. If you’re not up for alcohol, you can get a mean smoothie at Nature’s Garden Express. I got a banana chai smoothie there that was to die for. It was the perfect dessert after slamming a bowl of Gu’s Dumplings.
  6. If your thirst is still not quenched, then prepare to be wowed. In addition to a fountain of free water, there’s also a fountain serving up free sparkling water!!! I love this so much I can’t stand it.

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Fresh ATL at Sweet Hut

Caffe Bene and Sweet Hut — Two Delicious Asian Treats

Fresh Factor 10Lately I am living for Asian bakeries/cafes. There are two in particular that have my heart.

Caffé Bene

I first discovered Caffé Bene in Flushing, Queens. My husband and I stayed at a boutique hotel there over Thanksgiving last year and noticed that this place was abuzz even on a holiday. I got a massive piece of banana bread, and being fresh off of my Vietnam trip, I was delighted to find Vietnamese coffee on the menu. (If you have not had Vietnamese coffee before, it is a dream from heaven. Super strong coffee mixed with sweetened, condensed milk. It is deliciously indulgent and will keep you awake for days! Though the version in Vietnam is much stronger than the ones here.)

Anyway, I was halfway through my brick of banana bread when my husband sat down with something very curious. It was a giant piece of bread covered with what looked like squeeze cheese, and also…honey??? Come to find out it is called Garlic & Cheese Honey Bread and it is one of the greatest creations of all time. Sweet, sticky, garlicky, cheesy…it is so wrong it just has to be right!

Caffe Bene Garlic & Cheese Honey Bread

Caffe Bene Garlic & Cheese Honey Bread

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Gunshow – All About the ‘Wow Factor’

FreshFactor_10-1Kevin Gillespie’s Gunshow is all about the ‘wow factor,’ and I must say, I was wowed. Instead of getting my friends another lame gift card for Christmas, I decided to treat them to a night at this magical eatery. Never being able to predict Friday night traffic in Atlanta, I arrived about 30 minutes before everyone else, and was pleasantly surprised to be warmly welcomed with a seat at the bar and a very attentive bartender.

At a destination dining spot like this, I was afraid I’d be awkwardly standing alone in the small entrance until the rest of my party arrived. (This was the fate of diners who arrived later in the evening because it got super crowded. But since I got there fairly early — around 6:30 p.m. — I was instead treated to a theatrical presentation of the Old Fashioned, Gunshow’s house drink.)

As the bartender set a sugared cinnamon stick across the top of my drink and lit it on fire, then warmed up an orange peel and stuck it in there too, I was nothing short of delighted. Things got even better once my husband and friends got there and we started chowing down.

The Gunshow Old Fashioned

The Gunshow Old Fashioned

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